12 July 2019

New Motas-6 firmware xx010B and user guide v1.19 released

  • Enhanced patch randomise options - added new 'randomise depth' from 1 to 10. Now you can choose to randomly 'deviate' gently away from the current patch settings, or more aggressively, depending on the 'depth' setting. Please see the user guide for more details.
  • Changed default MIDI controller values to 64 at startup (was 0 previously). This means that patches that use controller modulation (M1 -M4) will now have starting values in the middle of the range before any actual MIDI controller data is received.
  • Improved setup page display of MIDI controller names assigned to M1-M4, and fixed a minor bug in incorrect mapping of controllers.
  • Updated user guide v1.19 to match the latest firmware.

New randomise option on copy page

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5 March 2019

New Motas-6 firmware xx010A and user guide v1.18 released

  • Added response to MIDI real-time messages start/continue for sequence/pattern playing from sequencer
  • Added option to sync/reset all LFOs on sequence 'rewind to start'. Setting stored in patch and global override option.
  • Updated user guide v1.18 to match the latest firmware.

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28 Feb 2019

Motas-6 review Signal Sounds

Glowing review of Motas-6 from a very happy customer!

"Enthusiastically opening the neat packaging the Motas 6 is shipped in I was surprised by the weight of this desktop synthesiser. There is a bit of heft to it compared to more commonly known synths of similar size. Proper juicy analog Oscillators and Filters - it sounds fantastic. Super fast Pattern Patch Changing and Vector morphing you would be forgiven for thinking its multitimbral. Massive amounts of modulation possibilities.. Thanks to Jon for building such an inspired musical instrument and for his commitment in developing and improving the Motas 6 firmware. Thanks also the for the great customer service from the guys at Signal Sounds. I love mine - highly recommend REVIEW BY MARK / (POSTED ON 16/02/2019)"

30 Nov 2018

Motas-6 is now available from Signal Sounds

The Motas-6 synthesizer is now on sale from the great guys at Signal Sounds. Get in touch with Jason! jason@signalsounds.com.

18 November 2018

New Motas-6 firmware xx0108 and user guide v1.17 released

  • New CV input over-sampling filtering option from 0 to 99 (smoothes incoming CV signals and creates a time-delayed response).
  • Added LFO tempo control from gate clock input.

Updated user guide v1.17 to match the latest firmware.

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18 October 2018

Motas-6 at Sheffield SynthFest 2018 with DivKid

11 September 2018

New Motas-6 firmware xx0107 and user guide v1.16 released

  • New instant patch-changing feature in arpeggiator - create drum loops!
  • New programmable patch-changing option for each note in pattern sequencer.
  • Several new arpeggiator patterns.
  • Improved 'randomise patch' algorithm

Updated user guide to match the latest firmware

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20 August 2018

Motas-6 press-release - Sound On Sound magazine online

"Powerful synth from new British designer" - Motas-6 synthesizer.

12 July 2018

Motas-6 review now on Music Radar

The excellent Future Music review of the Motas-6 synthesizer (in edited form) is now on online at Music Radar

5 July 2018

Motas-6 is now available from KMR Audio

The Motas-6 synthesizer is now on sale from the great guys at KMR Audio. Get in touch with Tom Lewis - the synthesizer guru! sales@kmraudio.com.

15 June 2018

MotasEditPlugin - NEW plugin version of the MotasEdit software

MotasEditPlugin software screenshot

Plugin version of the MotasEdit software

  • Live editing and automation of Motas-6 parameters
  • Adjust hardware controls on Motas-6, on the plugin and record the parameter changes in your DAW
  • Huge set of parameters exposed to DAW for massive automation. Currently every parameter page (33 pages - that is one for each main rotary slider) exposes offset, LFOx mod depth, unique LFO mod depth, unique LFO frequency, EG mod depth, unique EG delay, attack, decay, sustain and release. Also, global EG and LFO parameters are exposed. This gives a total of 350 automatable parameters!
  • Load/save setup to recall patches with song
  • To enable all the features correctly you must apply firmware xx0106 to your Motas-6 (see below)

VST and AU versions available for Window, macOS and Linux.

Get this free software for use with your Motas-6 from the downloads page.

15 June 2018

Motas-6 firmware xx0106 released

  • New SysEx commands for use in combination with MotasEditPlugin software (see above)
  • EG rate values reversed in NRPN MIDI messages (so not inverted anymore)
  • Improved SysEx data transfer speed
  • Minor display improvements

7 June 2018

TONAL AXiS patch bank - new patch bank of 50 patches is now available

Another great bank of Motas-6 patches is now available created by TONAL AXiS.

All new Motas-6 synths shipped will have this set pre-installed to bank 3. If you already have a Motas-6 synthesizer then get this bank from the downloads page now!

1 June 2018

Future Music Magazine - review of Motas-6

Read the Motas-6 synth review in Future Music issue 332 "Ultimately, the Motas-6 is an immensely powerful standalone monophonic synthesizer that has the ability to go into all kinds of interesting sonic territory. Modular systems offer flexibility, but by their very nature do not offer much in the way of parameter recall or parameter automation. Motas Electronics should be praised for their dedication in creating such an interesting piece of sonic hardware. " - Future Music Magazine issue 332

21 May 2018

macOS build of free MotasEdit software

A macOS build of the free MotasEdit software is now available at for the Motas-6 synthesizer. Also, watch out for a plugin version coming soon...

27 April 2018

NEW MotasEdit software released

MotasEdit software screenshot

All the features of the previous MotasControl software plus...

  • Live editing of Motas-6 parameters
  • Live updating from Motas-6 panel changes
  • Load then edit patches on your PC and transfer to/from Motas-6
  • Live automation/recording using flexible MIDI routing
  • To enable all the features you must apply firmware xx0104 (see below)

27 April 2018

Motas-6 firmware xx0104 released

  • New tracking options when holding multiple notes down for new playing styles and more flexible paraphonic operation
  • Oscillators 1, 2 and 3 can now track high/middle/low note independently
  • EGs have new option to track high/middle/low note
  • Compressed data transfer over MIDI (including screenshots) for use with MotasEdit software

27 April 2018

Updated user guide version 1.14 for Motas-6 synthesizer

Updated user guide to match the latest firmware

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Motas-6 Synthesizer

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