Motas-6 user guide

Motas-6 user guide Motas-6 user guide v1.19

Motas-6 specification flyer

Motas-6 user guide Motas-6 specification flyer v1.1

Motas-6 firmware

Unzip and follow the instructions in the README.txt file to update your Motas-6 synthesizer firmware.

Motas-6 firmware file v0602010B Motas-6 firmware file [v0602010B]

Motas-6 patch banks

The original factory patch banks (50 patches each). Useful if you delete the patches and want them back!

Factory patch banks 0 and 1 by Motas Electronics

Motas-6 patch bank (factory 0) Motas-6 factory patch bank 0

Motas-6 patch bank (factory 1) Motas-6 factory patch bank 1

Factory patch banks 2 and 3 created by Richard Hider (TONAL AXiS)

Motas-6 patches bank 2 by TONAL AXiS Motas-6 factory patch bank 2 by TONAL AXiS

Motas-6 patches bank 3 by TONAL AXiS Motas-6 factory patch bank 3 by TONAL AXiS

Previous versions of documents, firmware and software can be accessed from the archived downloads page

MotasEditPlugin software screenshot

MotasEdit software plugin

Plugin version of the MotasEdit software

  • Automate Motas-6 parameter changes in your DAW
  • Save, load patches/patterns/presets
  • Update Motas-6 with new firmware
  • Versions for Windows (VST), macOS (VST and AU) and Linux (VST)

Windows version (VST)

MotasEditPlugin VST software windows v1.04 MotasEditPlugin VST for Windows 64bit [v1.05]

macOS version (VST)

MotasEditPlugin VST software macOS v1.04b MotasEditPlugin VST for macOS [v1.05]

macOS version (AU)

MotasEditPlugin AU software macOS v1.04b MotasEditPlugin AU for macOS [v1.05]

Linux version (VST)

MotasEditPlugin VST software Linux v1.05 MotasEditPlugin VST for Linux 64bit [v1.05]

MotasEdit software

Stand-alone version of the MotasEdit software.

  • Live editing of Motas parameters
  • Live updating from Motas panel changes
  • Load then edit patches on your PC and transfer to/from Motas
  • Live automation/recording using flexible MIDI routing

Windows version

MotasEdit software windows v1.05 MotasEdit for Windows [v1.05]

macOS version

MotasEdit software macOS v1.0.0 MotasEdit for macOS [v1.05]

Linux version

MotasEdit software Linux v1.0.0 MotasEdit for Linux [v1.05]