Motas-6 specifications

Fully analogue audio signal path

Motas-6 is a powerful analogue synthesizer with three voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) with hard-sync options, analogue phase-modulation and a sub-oscillator.

The oscillators are analogue VCOs (not DCOs).


Thanks to its super-flexible modulation architecture Motas-6 is also 3-oscillator paraphonic (with independent paraphonic triggerable EGs)

The oscillators, analogue noise source with pink/white output options and an external audio input feed into the pre-filter mixer.

Three VCFs

Motas has very powerful filtering capabilities. There is a 6-pole voltage-controlled low-pass filter (VCF) with adjustable resonance to self-oscillation (with selectable 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-pole outputs), a 2-pole high-pass voltage-controlled filter and a second 4-pole low-pass voltage-controlled filter (similar in design to a certain silver box from the 1980s..) with adjustable resonance to self-oscillation.

Super-flexible modulation

Motas-6 has a super-flexible modulation architecture: each and every parameter has independent modulation from EG, 2 x LFOs, key, velocity and 4 x modulation sources. There are 4 global EGs (Envelope Generators), 4 global LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators), 33 parameter-local EGs, 33 parameter-local LFOs and four freely configurable modulation sources from MIDI and CV/gate inputs.

  • Purely analogue sound generation
  • 3 VCOs (mixable triangle, sawtooth, PWM/square waves, sub-oscillator, analogue phase modulation)
  • 3 oscillator paraphonic
  • Noise source (white/pink)
  • External audio input (feedback feature if left unplugged)
  • 3 VCFs (2 LPF with resonance, 1 HPF)
  • Flexible filter routing options
  • Loads of very high-resolution digital modulation sources (37 LFOs, 37 EGs, MIDI controllers, CV/gate inputs)
  • Analogue clipping distortion options
  • Save/load 500 patches to internal memory (10 banks)
  • Oscilloscope and Spectrum-Analyser
  • MIDI/USB control
  • 4 CV/gate inputs
  • Arpeggiator
  • Pattern generator and sequencer

Listen to some audio samples from Motas-6.

Watch (and hear) some Motas-6 demos youtube

Motas-6 is supplied with a full printed user guide. You can also download the guide from the downloads page.

Motas-6 top

Motas-6 rear
  • filter cut-off
  • oscilloscope display
  • spectrum analyser display
  • midi diagnostic display